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Be happy!


    Be happy!

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    are the only
    person you
    need to be
    good enough
    — 5:43 p.m. (You’re already good enough for everyone else)

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    Take pleasure from your tribulations
    For the Beloved is presenting to you
    An invitation for His intimacy

    — The Lamenting Soul

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    Trust whatever He has for you. It will be better than anything you can plan for yourself.
    — Francis Chan

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Pink Robin 
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    Iraq, Al Najaf Al Ashraf, Imam Ali’s Shrine. 

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    Perhaps you might be asleep while the doors of the Heaven is knocking with tens of supplications for you by a poor person you aided or a sad person you made happy or a distressed person you brought relief to. Therefore, do not underestimate doing good at all.
    — Ibn Al-Qayyim 

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    ضريح الامام الحسينء

    ضريح الامام الحسينء

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    God’s plans for your life exceed the circumstances of your day.